30.05.2015 Stavanger "Gaffel & Karaffel" (support for Robin Beck)


29.05.2015 Bergen "Garage" (support for Robin Beck)


28.05.2015 Oslo "Olsen På Bryn" (support for Robin Beck)


01.03.2014 Bergen "USF Verftet" (support for TNT w/Tony Harnell)


08.02.2014 Isdalstø "Utenricks" FAITH CIRCUS live


07.02.2014 Bergen "Garage" FAITH CIRCUS live


06.02.2014 Bergen "Apollon" FAITH CIRCUS Instore mini gig


24.01.2014 Bergen "Inside Rock Cafe" Marc Farranos' Birthday Bash


27.12.2013 Bergen "Garage" FAITH CIRCUS & friends play KISS


11.10.2013 Bergen "Ricks" FAITH CIRCUS "Turn Up The Band" Releaseparty


08.06.2013 Stavanger "Beverly Hills Fun Pub" KISS Afterparty 


07.06.2013 Stavanger "Gaffel & Karaffel" KISS Expo w/Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer, KISS Vorspiele


10.11.2012 Bergen "Ricks" FAITH CIRCUS & friends play KISS


21.04.2012 Bergen "Ricks" FAITH CIRCUS live 


20.01.2012 Bergen "Inside Rock Cafe" Marc Farranos' Birthday Bash 


26.11.2011 Bergen "Inside Rock Cafe" FAITH CIRCUS & friends play KISS


18.11.2011 Os "Bar2Be" FAITH CIRCUS live (Split gig with RHORM)


10.09.2011 Ålvik "ÅlvikRock Festival" FAITH CIRCUS live 


10.02.2011 Isdalstø "Garveriet" FAITH CIRCUS live 


28.01.2011 Bergen "Ricks" (support for TNT w/Tony Mills) 


22.12.2010 Bergen "Garage" FAITH CIRCUS & friends play KISS


24.09.2010 Bergen "Inside Rock Cafe" FAITH CIRCUS live


18.09.2010 Bergen "Ricks" (support for JORN)


04.09.2010 Sotra "Ågotnes Hotel" FAITH CIRCUS live


15.08.2009 Bergen "5071 Alle Til Loddefjord Festival" FAITH CIRCUS live


20.05.2009 Bergen "Inside Rock Cafe" FAITH CIRCUS live


08.05.2009 Askøy "Loftet Pub" FAITH CIRCUS live


20.01.2008 Bergen (Private) Marc Farranos' Birthday Bash



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